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Development of metaverse for working with cryptocurrency. White label virtual reality solutions using blockchain technology.


Every day, digitalization covers more and more areas, including the cryptocurrency market. You have an opportunity to become on a par with the market leaders by creating a unique product using VR technology.
Cryptocurrency exchanger, casino, ATM, NFT platforms - all this can now be yours both on the web and virtual reality VR. Cryptersoft develops blockchain-based IT solutions using virtual reality VR technology. Now you have the opportunity not only to own a business on the web, but also to become the owner of crypto real estate in the metaverse.
We can design for you a unique virtual space in which you and other inhabitants of the metaverse can interact with your product. This is a completely new format for interacting with customers, and it is also the format of the future. Remember, that technologies - your competitive advantage!

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Our products

Cryptocurrency Exchanger
Web + VR Metaverse

Multi-featured cryptocurrency exchanger platform is developed using the latest programming technologies and in compliance with all necessary information security standards.

With support for multiple cryptocurrencies, you are able to host buying & selling with direct bank transfer, credit cards or any other supported payment gateways.

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Cryptersoft Exchanger Platform

Cryptocurrency Casino
Web + VR Metaverse

Complete white label casino solution where people can play online games (such as slot machine, blackjack, roulette, video poker and others).

The casino has all the most necessary and modern functions that will allow owner to earn and provide high-quality service to customers.

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Cryptersoft Exchanger Platform

Cryptocurrency ATM
Web + VR Metaverse

The currency exchange terminal ATM will allow your clients to automatically exchange both fiat money and cryptocurrency without the participation of an operator.

A large number of payment systems, up to 160 international currencies, automatic updating of rates, several earning options, an affiliate program and much more.

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Cryptersoft Exchanger Platform

Benefits of working with us


Applying such technologies of the future in your business, you will become one of the market leaders.


We guarantee the absence of vulnerabilities and backdoors in the products we have developed.


The metaverse is an additional source of monetization for your business with lots of people.

How will we start cooperation

  • 1 Briefing

    First of all, we analyze all your requirements
  • 2 PRD Specification

    We make a project diagram, description, prototype, etc.
  • 3 Analytics

    Analyzing the market to be unique
  • 4 Monetization

    We are working on different options for raising funds
  • 5 Presentation

    We make a presentation for your clients or investors
  • 6 MVP

    Launching MVP to quickly start your business

Frequently Asked Questions

We present answers to the most frequently asked questions. Ask more - we will be happy to answer.

To begin with, we develop a PRD Specification so that in the future the client gets exactly what he wants. After that, a formal contract for product development is concluded.

Development of a project in the metaverse takes an average of one to five months. The basic version of the metaverse is made in a month due to the availability of a ready-made solutions for the web.

Securing transactions in our products was paramount. Only licensed official merchants are installed in them. We also took care of the protection of the administrative part of each of the products, making increased protection against hacking. We welcome testing your purchased products by your testers to make sure that the scripts are free of vulnerabilities and backdoors.

At the request of the client, we supervise the work of his resource, help with resolving issues that have arisen, and provide technical support 24/7.